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The mission of the California Urgent Care Association is to support the ongoing success of our membership through strong advocacy and education and to promote urgent care as a patient-oriented, accessible, and cost-effective sector of our healthcare system.


The California Urgent Care Association passionately cares about a variety of elements of that allow us to do what we do.  Learn more here.

Dr. Eric Ellis, is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician. Born and raised in California, Dr. Ellis is a graduate of UCLA and the Emory School of Medicine. He completed his training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Connecticut, where after only a few winters realized there was no place like home. For over 15 years, he practiced Emergency Medicine in the state of California.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ellis has always been recognized as one of the most efficient and productive physicians in his field. Decreasing patient wait times and the cost of medical care has always been an area of special interest to Dr. Ellis. This combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, desire to serve a small town where he can be part of a community, and truly get to know his patients led to the opening of Lincoln Urgent Care and Granite Bay Urgent Care and soon a new location in West Roseville.

Over the last 4.5 years, Dr. Ellis, his wife Clara, Diana their office manager, and crew have grown Lincoln Urgent Care and Granite Bay Urgent Care into the premier full service clinics they are today.  By using his extensive experience in the ER, Dr. Ellis is able to keep many patients out of the Emergency Department, save them thousands of dollars, and countless hours.  Just recently Lincoln Urgent Care was a finalist for Business of the Year in Lincoln by the Chamber of Commerce, and won Best Medical Office, Best Medical Provider, Second Place Customer Service, and Second Place Office Staff in the Best of the Best of Lincoln. 

Dr. Ellis is helped by his amazing wife of 24 years, Clara, who helps with HR, and keeps the clinic feeling like a family.  She has been on this journey with Dr. Ellis from the beginning and her contributions are to many to count.  She wishes daily that Dr. Ellis would get a personal assistant so she does not have to be one.  Together they have two wonderful daughters, one a sophomore at Boise State and the other a senior at Del Oro High School.  Dr. Ellis in his free time enjoys golf, mountain biking, skiing, flying, and spending time with his Labrador Retriever, Rosie.

Starting from scratch to build his Urgent Care clinics, Dr. Ellis has had to overcome hurdles such as dealing with insurance companies, large organizations such as Sutter, and the myriad of laws that make it harder for him and his staff to provide quality of care they want to provide to their patients.  During these challenges it became apparent that Urgent Cares are not even part of the conversation among the people writing these laws.  Since then Dr, Ellis has reached out to several Assemblyman to have conversations, and also recently met with 4 different Lobbying firms to get proposals on how they can help CalUca be introduced and become a vital part of the conversation.  Through these efforts and others, Dr. Ellis hopes to join the CalUca Board of Directors so that he can help establish Urgent Cares as an entity that needs to be acknowledged by those making healthcare law and the impact those laws will have on Urgent Cares.

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